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The difference equation for a -point discrete-time moving average filter with input represented by the vector and the averaged output vector , is. y[n] = 1 L L−1 ∑ k=0x[n−k] (1) y [ n] = 1 L ∑ k = 0 L − 1 x [ n − k] ( 1) For example, a -point Moving Average FIR filter takes the current and previous four samples of input and. Lecture 6 Sharpening Filters 1. The concept of sharpening filter 2. First and second order derivativesFirst and second order derivatives 3. Laplace filter 4. Unsharp mask 5. High boost filter ... • Blurring/smooth is done in spatial domain by pixel averaging in a nei hb iti fi t tiighbors, it is a process of integration.

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